Contributions of electronics

The development of electronic has occured rapidly during the past century

For instance, 1960s - colour televisions, 1970s - microwave ovens, 1980s - personal computers and internet, 1990s - handphones, 2000s - digital technologies and ICTs.

Examples of contributions of electronics in daily life:

1. Computers
2. Telecomunications
3. Automations
4. Medicines
5. Digital camers.
6. Laptops
7. VCDs
8. MP3 players
9. Traffic light control systems

and many more

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Applications of Logic Gates in Control Systems

Logic gates are made to make decisions based on the inputs obtained, this is when logic gates function as automatic switch.

There are three main components in a control system.

A. Input or Inputs   - consist of detectors which are able to detect changes (light, electrical, sound etc)
B. Control circuit    - electronic devices (capacitors, diodes and transistors)
C. Outputs              - devices (sirens, bulbs, alarm, heater, electric motors)

Some examples are

1. Control system for cooling fans
2. Fire control system
3. Temperature control system
4. Car theft alarm system

Image result for applications for logic gates

Image result for applications for logic gates

Image result for applications for logic gates