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Application of Specific Heat capacity

As we have read (supposedly) about the concept of heat capacity and specific heat capacity, we will discuss briefly about the application of Specific Heat capacity in daily situations.

1. Substances having a small specific heat capacity can be quickly heated up, it also experience a big change in temperature even though only small amount of heat is supplied.

2. Substances having a small specific heat capacity, are very useful as material in cooking instruments such as frying pans, pots, kettles and so on, because, they can be quickly heated up even when small amount oh heat is supplied.

3. Sensitive thermometers also must be made from materials with small specific heat capacity so that it can detect  and show a change of temperature rapidly and accurately.

4. Substances that have a high specific heat capacity is suitable as a material for constructing kettle handlers, insulators and oven covers, because, a high amount of heat will cause only a small change in temperature aka the material won't get hot too fast!

5. Heat storage instruments are very useful and they are usually made of substances with a high specific heat capacity.

6. Water as a cooling agent acts excellent as a cooling agent in engines. Water is also used in houses in cold climate countries because as it is heated up (boiled) it tends to retain heat and warm the house due to its high specific heat capacity.


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