Precautionary Steps In Handling Radioactive Substance

Experiments that involves radioactive substances are conducted in a room surrounded by concrete walls. Strong radioactive substances are handled using remote-controlled mechanical arms from a safe distance.

Weak radioactive substances could be handled by using tweezers.

Radioactive wastes must be disposed off by using suitable and safe methods. Rooms, buildings, containers and radioactive storage places must be labelled with the sign for radioactive substance. Radioactive substances are contained in thick lead containers.

Protective suits and gears such as gloves and eye glasses made of lead are used at all times when handling radioactive substances. These shields protect the workers from harmful radiations.

Workers handling radioactive substances must wear special badges which detect the amount of radiation they are exposed to. Food and drinks are not allowed in places where radioactive substances are handled.

Low level radioactive wastes

Sources: Hospitals, nuclear power stations, industries, research laboratories.
Examples: Contaminated equipments, shoes, biohazard suit, clothing, wrappers, air filters, gloves, etc.
Half-life: Short
Radioactivity level: low
Management: Solid wastes are stored

Intermediate level radioactive wastes

Sources: Nuclear power stations, industries, research laboratories
Examples: Component in nuclear reactors, chemical sediments
Half life: long
Radioactivity level: High
Management: Radioactive wastes are placed in concrete block and then buried underground

High level radioactive wastes

Sources: Nuclear power stations
Examples: Fuel rods used in nuclear power stations
Half life: Long
Radioactivity level: High
Management: Fuel rods are submerged in a pool of water to cool them down. The rods are then stored in a steel container which are buried underground at a depth of between 500m and 600m.


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