Application of Specific Latent Heat

Steaming Food

The specific latent heat of vaporisation for water is large.

Plates filled with food are able to absorb heat from the hot steam.

The condensation of steam at the base of the plate releases a large quantity of heat and thus enables food such as cakes,fish, eggs and others to be steamed.

Cooling drinks with cold water and ice

A glass of hot water can be cooled faster by adding cold water or ice into it.

During the melting of ice, a large quantity of specific latent heat is absorbed from the drink and this causes the drink towards a temperature that approaches the melting limit of ice.

Ice absorbs a large quantity of latent heat during the process of melting.

Extinguishing fire by using boiling water

Water that is quickly boiled will become steam which is able to absorb a larger quantity of latent heat from the fire.

Melting Ice on the road by using Salt

It is known that the specific latent heat of fusion of salt is higher than of ice. Therefore, when salt is put on the road - having a thick layer of ice, salt will require more heat energy and absorb energy from the ice. Therefore, Ice will melt.

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