Relationship between Energy, Voltage, Current and Time

1. The potential difference or voltage,V, across two points is defined as energy,E, dissipated or transferred by coulomb of charge,Q, that moves through the two points.


Potential difference = Electrical energy dissipated / Charge

V= E / Q

2. Current is the rate of charge flow. Therefore, the total charge flows through the two points is given as:

Q = It                   I = current,  t = time in second

3. Since the energy dissipated or transferred is given by:


Therefore, the relationship between E, V,I and t can be written as:

E = VIt

4. From Ohm’s law, V =IR, therefore,

E = IR × It
E = I²Rt

5. From I = V / R = > ; E = V


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5.E= VQ

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