Electromagnetic Induction

An electric current can produce a magnetic field, but a magnetic field can also produce electric current.

This is discovered by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry independently in 1831.

Electromagnetism induction is the complementary phenomenon to electromagnetism. Besides producing a magnetic field from electricity, we can also produce electricity from a magnetic field.

The difference is that, a steady magnetic field is produced by a solenoid or wire carrying electric current. whereas in electromagnetic induction, it requires relative motion between the magnet and the coil to produce an induced current.

REMEMBER: in order for electromagnetic induction to happen, there must be a relative motion between the magnet and the coil to produce current. That is, either the magnet or the coil shall move relative to each other.


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You say that to have electromagnetic induction, either the wires or the magnetic field must be moving relative to one another. There is also a third possibility? If the magnetic field strength is increasing or decreasing in strength, current is also induced :)